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About Terdale classes

‘Keeping students as the centre of the initiative, and their progress as our ultimate aim’ , Terdale classes were founded in 2003.
To make the subject easy to comprehend for the students, to use easy and interesting methods of teaching, to make students understand the subjects ‘ core concepts and to improve their calibre are some of the salient features of our class.
Our team has produced many bright and intelligent students while innumerous students have achieved commendable success . This path of guidance and support is carried on by the class.

Dattatray Terdale Sir

Educational Qualification: M.A. in English Literature

Experience:Tot al Years of Experience: 23 years

Areas of ExpertiseEnglish, Hindi, Marathi Literature, Social Science, Literary Analysis, Creative Writing, Communication Skills

About Dattatray Terdale Sir: Dattatray Terdale Sir is an esteemed educator with a passion for English literature and a strong commitment to shaping the lives and careers of his students. With over two decades of experience in the education field, he has become a respected figure in the academic community. Dattatray’s dedication to teaching and his expertise in the subject have made him a favorite among students and parents alike.

Professional Accomplishments: Guided and mentored thousands of students throughout his career. Helped students achieve remarkable success in their academic pursuits and careers.

Recognized for his innovative teaching methodologies and engaging classroom presence.
Conducted workshops and seminars on English literature to inspire a love for the subject beyond the classroom.

Teaching Philosophy: Dattatray believes in fostering a holistic learning environment where students not only grasp the subject matter but also develop critical thinking, creativity, and effective communication skills. He strives to make the learning process enjoyable and meaningful, encouraging students to explore the world of literature with curiosity and enthusiasm.

Kiran Kari Sir

Educational Qualification: Electrical Engineer
ExperienceTotal Years of Experience: 20+ years
Areas of Expertise: Mathematics , Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology), Electrical Engineering Concepts

About Mr. Kiran Kari Sir:  Mr. Kiran Kari is a highly accomplished educator with a strong passion for teaching Mathematics and Science. With over two decades of teaching experience, he has made a significant impact on the academic journey of countless students. Mr. Kari’s extensive knowledge in the field of Maths, Secience & electrical engineering, coupled with his expertise in teaching, has earned him a reputation as an outstanding educator.

Professional AccomplishmentsGuided and mentored thousands of students throughout his illustrious career. Specializes in Mathematics and Science, making these subjects accessible and enjoyable for his students. Known for his unique teaching style that simplifies complex concepts and motivates students to excel. Received accolades for consistently achieving exceptional results in student examinations and competitions.

Teaching Philosophy:
Mr. Kiran Kari believes in nurturing a strong foundation in Mathematics and Science, as these subjects form the bedrock of problem-solving and analytical thinking skills. He aims to cultivate a love for learning and encourages students to embrace challenges with confidence. His approachable nature and dedication to each student’s success have made him a beloved mentor.


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